Welcome to a guided tour of Lukas Ligeti's works containing significant improvised elements, ranging from various combinations of composition and improvisation to free improvisation. This program, consisting in part of excerpts from works accessible in full elsewhere on this site, will give you an overview of Lukas' innovative approach to improvisation.

Excerpt from KALEIDOSCOPE POINT (2009) performed by Lukas Ligeti's Notebook: https://vimeo.com/533396371/

Excerpt from HUMANAUTOMATA (2019) for Sonoscopia's "Phobos" electromechanical sound sculpture and 8 musicians: https://vimeo.com/523398314/

Excerpt from ON PATTERNED TIME (1999) from the CD PATTERN TIME (2011): https://vimeo.com/535141794/

Excerpt from a duo concert (2015) of THOLLEM MCDONAS (piano) and LUKAS LIGETI (drums): https://vimeo.com/523665855/

Excerpt from a marimba lumina solo concert (2014): https://vimeo.com/523396617/

Short documentary on THAT WHICH HAS REMAINED... THAT WHICH WILL EMERGE... (2015) for 6 musicians, recorded interviews, and audience participation: https://vimeo.com/516569635/

Excerpts from a drum-set solo concert (2015): https://vimeo.com/533390690/

Excerpt from ENTERING: PERCEIVING MASKS; EXITING: PERCEIVING FACES (2008) for marimba lumina solo https://vimeo.com/535192787/

ERNESTO, DO YOU HAVE A COTTON BOX? performed (2016) by Hypercolor: https://vimeo.com/523675620/

Excerpt from a trio concert (2015) of MICHELLE MAKARSKI (violin), MARILYN CRISPELL (piano), and LUKAS LIGETI (drums): https://vimeo.com/523664049/

Excerpt from FROM THE GROUND UP (1999) from the CD PATTERN TIME (2011): https://vimeo.com/535141309/

Duo performance (2019) of RIDUAN ZALANI (percussion, electronics) and LUKAS LIGETI (marimba lumina): https://vimeo.com/414344979/

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