Welcome to a guided tour of Lukas Ligeti's works for "classical" musicians. This program, consisting primarily of excerpts from works accessible in full elsewhere on this site, will give you an overview of Lukas' innovative approach to scored composition.

Excerpt from CURTAIN (2015) for chamber orchestra: https://vimeo.com/523616350/

Excerpt from language:PROUN:music: (2016) for soprano & 4 instruments https://vimeo.com/523623077/

Excerpt from THINKING SONGS (2015) for marimba solo: https://vimeo.com/530252155/

Excerpt from DELTA SPACE (2002) for pianist, Yamaha Disklavier, and electronics: https://vimeo.com/535141078/

Excerpt from HAÏDARA (from SUITE FOR BURKINA ELECTRIC AND ORCHESTRA) (2016) for African electronic pop band and symphony orchestra: https://vimeo.com/523399724/

Excerpt from MOVING HOUSES (1996) for string quartet: https://vimeo.com/535141578/

PASSACAGLIA CON VARIAZIONI PER GY. KURTÁG SEN. (2016) for flute, piano, and cello: https://vimeo.com/535142025/

Excerpt from CASTLE OF TURNS (2007) for 10 musicians: https://vimeo.com/523612715/

INCANDESCENCE (2017) for 10 musicians: https://vimeo.com/372330458/

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