Lukas Ligeti is represented by Black Tea Music in North America and Karsten Witt Music Management in the rest of the world.

To purchase scores or recordings, please contact Trudy Chan <tc[at]blackteamusic[dot]com>.

For commissions, etc., please contact Karsten Witt <kw[at]karstenwitt[dot]com> at Karsten Witt Music Management or Trudy Chan <tc[at]blackteamusic[dot]com> at Black Tea Music.

Regarding intercultural work or concerts as an improvisor, please contact Ignacio Priego Jimeno: <ignacio.priego[at]gmail[dot]com>.

For Burkina Electric bookings, you can also contact Marisa Segala at Second To The Left: <m[at]secondtotheleft[dot]com>.

For information about the PhD program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology at the University of California, Irvine, please contact Lukas at <ligeti[at]uci[dot]edu>.

For other matters, please contact Lukas at <q[at]lukasligeti[dot]com>.

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